The AnaeCo™ System

Next Generation Resource Recovery

The AnaeCo™ System is a next generation technology that uniquely combines proven material recovery, anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting processes to recycle household waste into a quality organic fertiliser, renewable energy and recyclable plastics, metals and glass.The technology provides an environmentally sustainable, socially acceptable and economically viable processing solution that recycles 75% or more of household waste previously destined for landfill or incineration, into valuable resources.

The AnaeCo™ System has significant advantages over comparable alternatives including:
  • Market leading resource recovery and diversion rates.
  • A rapid, highly efficient 21-day organics processing cycle.
  • Scalable system with small footprint, suitable for urban locations.
  • Production of high quality outputs.
  • Low environmental impacts.

The AnaeCo™ System has been designed to process both mixed MSW and source separated organics, guaranteeing all waste streams can be received without the need for multiple collection systems, transfer stations and associated logistics. Recycling is no longer an opt-in process.

An operational installation of the AnaeCo™ System at an industrial scale plant is on the doorstep of a capital city, just 6 kilometres from the Perth CBD in Shenton Park, Western Australia.



Technology Platform

A typical AnaeCo™ Plant based on AnaeCo’s proprietary technology platform will integrate 3 core components, supported by ancillary systems and infrastructure to meet specific operating requirements.

Key Benefits

AnaeCo’s next generation integrated solid waste processing technology delivers valuable benefits to local governments and waste infrastructure operators and owners.

AnaeCo™ Material Recovery Facility

Trommels and sorting equipment to recover commercially valuable materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recyclable plastics and glass, leaving an uncontaminated feedstock of putrescible organics for bioconversion.

DiCOM™ Bioconversion Facility

Incorporating the DiCOM™ bioconversion process, a patented hybrid biological process operated inside a closed vessel that accelerates the natural bioconversion cycle for a highly efficient production of biogas, and stabilised, mature organic fertiliser in just 21 days.

Plant Process Overview

A typical AnaeCo™ Plant based on AnaeCo’s proprietary technology platform will process waste in two key stages.

The AnaeCo™ System Brochure

Download an overview of the AnaeCo™ System.