Company Strategy

AnaeCo has initiated the transition from a technology developer to a commercially focused designer and supplier of solid waste processing technology and services to the global MSW industry.

Completion of the WMRC Project, AnaeCo’s first commercial scale reference facility, represents a critical point in the Company’s corporate development. The next commercial phase will focus on growth through industrialisation of the technology and the development of a licensing and technology transfer business.

The Company’s key business objectives are to:

  • Capitalise on existing MOUs and a pipeline of emerging project and partnering opportunities following delivery of the commercial scale reference plant in Australia.
  • Accelerate industrialisation and development of the technology through collaboration partners.
  • Develop and industrialise the AnaeCo™ System as a technology transfer package which can be rolled out to licensees across in selected markets.
  • Develop regional technology transfer and delivery capabilities through strategic alliances and beach head projects in selected markets.
  • Continue to build and develop in-house expertise and competencies across relevant engineering design and technical disciplines to support the planning, design, development, implementation and operations of solutions based on the AnaeCo™ System.
  • Meet the demand of customers seeking to maximise diversion of MSW from landfill.

Achieving these core objectives will allow the company to competitively position itself in the waste value chain in Australia and globally, capitalising on a large market opportunity and monetising the significant economic value of intellectual property developed over many years.