DiCOM™ Bioconversion Facility

The DiCOM™ Bioconversion Facility (BCF) incorporates AnaeCo’s next generation DiCOM™ bioconversion process. This hybrid biological process seamlessly integrates the natural anaerobic and aerobic bioconversion cycles in a single DiCOM™ vessel. 

The patented process creates a unique environment for the microbial population, resulting in accelerated bioconversion of organic material to produce stabilised quality organic fertiliser and biogas in a 21-day cycle. Depending on waste processing requirements, a series of DiCOM™ vessels provide continuous service through sequenced batch processing. Every step is managed by a control system for optimum energy efficiency and biological process stability.

Key Advantages:

  • Unique, patented, integration of aerobic and anaerobic biological processing in a single vertical DiCOM™ vessel.
  • High solids, continuous batch processing with a short ~21 day residence time.
  • Thermophilic (>55°C) anaerobic digestion phase ensures pasteurisation and strips volatility from organic material.
  • Patented pressure aeration method overcomes channeling and preferential flow path formation during aerobic composting.
  • Recovery of renewable biogas for onsite energy use, upgrade or export. 
  • Production of a mature, stabilised, quality organic fertiliser.
  • A proprietary process control system monitors and adjusts DiCOM™ vessel conditions and air and water flow.
  • Odour minimised through the unique process and a plant odour management system.
  • Minimal environmental impacts.
  • Modular design with very small plant footprint.