AnaeCo™ Material Recovery Facility

The AnaeCo™ Material Recovery Facility (MRF) incorporates a proprietary multi stage advanced separation and sorting system.

The system mechanically recovers valuable organic material and recyclable plastics, metals and glass from the waste stream. The system is fast, robust and highly flexible and can be adapted to process both mixed wastes (MSW, C&I) and source separated organics (SSO). The Material Recovery process takes less than 30 minutes and ensures 75% or more of all incoming waste is recycled. All operations are controlled using a proprietary process control system that maximises plant safety and efficiency.

Key Advantages:

  • High recycling and recovery rates including up to 95% recovery of the available organic fraction of MSW (OFMSW), up to 99% removal of glass and grit from fine trommelled fraction of MSW and 80% - 90% recovery of available recyclable metals and plastics.
  • Rapid, non-shred mechanical sorting of material into recyclable fractions utilising a homogenising screen trommel. 
  • Rapid process time (30 minutes from loading MSW on trommel feed conveyor until dewatered organics enter the bioconversion process) and high throughput per processing line (20-25tph).
  • Removal of glass, grit and other heavy inerts and separation of recovered organic material through a proprietary WDS system prior to biological processing.
  • Maximum recovery of fine organics, nutrient and biology in the OFMSW by efficient management of WDS process water.
  • All operations controlled by a distributed control system (DCS) ensuring safe plant operation, automation and optimisation.
  • Low odour management requirements.