• The AnaeCo™ plant located at the WMRC facility in Shenton Park, Western Australia achieves technical and regulatory approvals from Western Power allowing for permanent connection to the electricity grid of the 1.2MW combined heat and power (CHP) gas powered generator.
  • At full design capacity the AnaeCo™ plant can produce biogas containing around 1,200 tonnes of methane per annum. The energy content of this methane can fuel the generator to provide around 800kWe of electrical power and 800kWt of thermal power (heat).
  • This will be the first operational waste facility in Western Australia generating electrical energy by processing municipal solid waste (MSW).
  • Key attribute of AnaeCo technology validated: delivery of substantial environmental benefits by diversion of putrescible material from landfill and production of renewable energy.
  • Surplus electricity not used to power the AnaeCo™ plant will be exported for use in the local Western Power owned electricity grid.

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