AnaeCo Limited (AnaeCo) is pleased to announce that a memorandum of understanding has been signed with Bouygues E & S Contracting UK Limited (BES) under which AnaeCo and BES will work together to identify, win and deliver opportunities to design, build and operate plants in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland incorporating AnaeCo technology, where BES will act as principal contractor.

It is anticipated that, subject to the requirements of any particular project, BES will lead client negotiations and overall design, procurement, construction and commissioning of any plant using AnaeCo technology, where AnaeCo would act as a key subcontractor providing detailed input for defined elements of any given plant incorporating AnaeCo proprietary technology and designs.

AnaeCo Managing Director David Lymburn said, “BES, a part of the larger Bouygues Group, is a respected UK engineering and construction company and provides excellent capability and resources to offer EPC contracting to potential customers for the AnaeCo technology in the UK and Ireland. This MOU is another key step for AnaeCo along the path of our stated intention to partner with top tier engineering firms to capture the value created through the intellectual property developed to date in the AnaeCo™ System and DiCOM™ bioconversion process.”

AnaeCo was advised on this MOU by Lancea LLP, London.


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David Lymburn - Managing Director (08) 9361 4777


About AnaeCo

AnaeCo delivers Alternative Waste Technology (AWT) facilities based on the AnaeCo™ System, incorporating the patented DiCOM™ bioconversion process. The AnaeCo™ System includes advanced sorting, recycling, anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting to recycle municipal solid waste (MSW) into renewable energy from biogas, organic fertiliser and recyclables such as steel, aluminium, glass and plastics, thus maximising diversion from landfill and ensuring social, economic and environmentally sustainable management of MSW.

The AnaeCo™ System enables resource recovery intervention closer to source, with enhancement of existing waste transfer stations now a viable waste management option. AnaeCo’s experienced team provides design, and commissioning services for AnaeCo™ AWT facilities.

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