Grant of European Patent for core component of AnaeCo’s next generation organics processing technology - the DiCOM™ bioconversion process.

AnaeCo is pleased to advise the “publication and mention of grant” of a European patent by the European Patent Office.

The patent, titled “Method and Apparatus for Aerating Organic Waste Material”, relates to a core invention and critical component of AnaeCo’s next generation organics processing technology, the DiCOM™ bioconversion process.

The patent covers both the method and apparatus for the aeration of organic material within a sealed vessel during aerobic composting.

AnaeCo’s pressure aeration system allows highly consolidated organic material with poor porosity to be aerated, enhancing oxygen supply to microorganisms which are processing organic waste.

Effective aeration and stabilisation of organic material during the aerobic processing phase is one of the key enablers of the 21 day DiCOM™
bioconversion process, allowing for a very rapid final composting process to occur following anaerobic digestion.Another key benefit of the unique system is that it allows in-vessel composting to occur in vessels of significant height and volume on a very small plant footprint.

Traditional aerobic composting processes are typically land intensive and require a process duration of between 1 and 6 months.

AnaeCo Managing Director David Lymburn said, “This is the first grant of a European Patent for the Company and is very gratifying as the European
examination process is notoriously long and difficult.”

The granting of a European Patent for this core invention represents a significant milestone in the development of AnaeCo’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio, both validating and drawing attention to the uniqueness of the DiCOM™ bioconversion technology in a region of the world synonymous with competitive waste treatment technologies.

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