AnaeCo is pleased to advise receipt of official notification regarding the issuance of two new Australian patents by the Australian Patent Office.

The two patents for inventions comprising part of AnaeCo’s next generation organics processing technology, the DiCOM™ bioconversion process, are titled:

  • Pressurised Recirculation of Organic Material
  • Inerting Method in Digestion

Pressurised Recirculation of Organic Material

This patent covers both the method and apparatus for recirculation of organic material in a single vessel while maintaining a pressurised state.

The benefits of the unique system of recirculation include:

  • improved biogas production through recirculation and rearrangement of organic material and improved process water penetration;
  • improved transition between anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting phases through more efficient dewatering; and
  • maintenance of optimum moisture levels and facilitation of better airflow during aerobic composting.

Pressurised recirculation of organic material is one of the key enablers of the DiCOM™ bioconversion process.

Inerting Method in Digestion

This patent relates to an alternative method of inerting a vessel in which a microbiological process such as aerobic composting or anaerobic digestion is occurring, using exhaust gas from a power generation plant. ‘Inerting a vessel’ means purging the vessel headspace of a potential mix of oxygen and biogas using an inert gas. The common method to inert a vessel headspace is to use nitrogen. The benefit of this invention is that exhaust gas which is otherwise a wasted resource can be used as a significantly cheaper substitute to nitrogen.

Broader IP portfolio management

A substantial body of intellectual property (IP) has been created over 15 years in developing the AnaeCo™ System and it has been part of the Company’s long term strategy to protect this IP using patent registration. Currently we have twelve
inventions protected by patents, or ‘patent families’. In addition there are two inventions at the ‘provisional patent’ stage.

The first two patent families, covering the DiCOM™ Bioconversion Process and Pressure Aeration System, were registered in 1999 and 2000 respectively. AnaeCo holds nine granted national patents (Australia, United States, Canada, China and Japan) and has patents pending in the EU for these two inventions. Through 2012 and 2014 a further ten patentable inventions were recorded and are progressing through the Australian patent system and also the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) system. Once the PCT application process is completed (which is the case for nine of these ten inventions) our strategy is to apply for national patent registration across a matrix of individual countries.

The Australian system of patent examination, review and issuance will generally be completed before the PCT and related national phase registrations.

The grant of the two Australian patents which are the subject of this announcement can be taken as a general indication that the national phase patent registrations for these inventions which are underway in other countries, have a high likelihood of being successful.

Summary of patents at various stages:

  • Provisional patent applications: 2
  • PCT application under examination: 1
  • National patent applications for registration: 67
  • National patents granted: 12
  • Total international patents and patent applications: 82

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